Thanksgiving: The Complaint Department Is Closed

Why do people complain so much?

Because they can? Because there’s always someone to listen? Because in our culture, people prefer to hear about negative things instead of positive?

Everyone can't be as unhappy as they seem. Can they?

Every year, I look forward to Thanksgiving. It’s always been my favorite holiday. There’s so much about this day to like: family, friends, food, time off. Did I mention food?

But, what I love the most about this day isn’t about any of that. I love what this occasion does for people. Somehow, it opens our hearts and minds to see the good in our lives and give thanks for our blessings.

For some, this feeling will only last one day. For others, it will last at least through New Year’s.

It’s perhaps the only time of year that people realize that no matter what they’ve been through, there are so many others who have had a more difficult time.

Lisa-Michelle’s Top Ten Reasons To Be Thankful

I'm alive.
I'm healthy.
I’m free.
I’m employed.
I live without want.
I'm blessed with great friends and family — both near and far.
Technology helps me reconnect and stay connected with people I care about.
My dad survived three small strokes, which probably saved him from having a major one.
My year has been filled with love, excitement, and new experiences.
I learn something new every day.

I’m also thankful to be able to share my journey to the big 4 – 0 and beyond with all of you.

Thanksgiving Prayer

May this time of year find you and your family in good health and good spirit, as we come together to thank God for our blessings.
May the years ahead be your best and brightest, filled with good health, happiness, love, success, and prosperity.
May we have the strength to pursue justice and peace, especially for those who cannot do so themselves.
May we cherish the holiday season, enjoying the company of good friends and family.
May your Thanksgiving tables overflow with scrumptious dishes and be surrounded by warm hearts.
May we remember to give thanks and count our blessings throughout the year, focusing on all that is positive and good.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

What are you most thankful for this year?